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Hey y'all. I do believe this is my first post here. :) Well, I read a lot of fanfiction based on sci-fi shows, especially lately. I find myself really attached to characters on these shows and love reading more about them. What do you guys think about fanfic?

Speaking of fanfiction, am reading a book of essays done by sci-fi and fantasy writers. It's all about how Tolkien influenced them and their writing. It's really interesting. So far, this has been my favourite quote:

Already, as I admit this, I can feel the circle of new, anxious but friendly faces around me: "My name is Terry and I used to draw dwarf runes in my school notebooks. It started with, you know, the straight ones, everyone can do them, but then I got deeper and before I knew it I was doing the curly elf ones with the dots. Wait ... there's worse. Before I'd even heard the word 'fandom' I was writing weird fan fiction. I wrote a crossover story setting Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice in Middle-earth; the rest of the kids loved it, because a class of thirteen-ear-old boys with volcanic acne and groinal longings is not best placed to appreciate Miss Austen's fine prose. It was a really good bit when the orcs attacked the rectory ..."
Terry Pratchitt
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