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twi·light n
1. The time of day just after sunset or before dawn, when the Sun is below the horizon
2. The faint diffuse light that occurs at twilight.

re·al·i·ty n
1. Actual being or existence, as opposed to an imaginary, idealized, or false nature
2. Everything that actually does or could exist or happen in real life
3. Something that has real existence and must be dealt with in real life
4. A kind of existence or universe, either connected with or independent from other kinds
5. The totality of real things in the world, independent of people’s knowledge or perception of them

Twilightreality is a community for people who love sci-fi, fantasy and horror, in its varied forms and shapes.
Please feel free to create a post on your favourite show, discuss a good book you’ve found, and the best websites each genre.
If you want to post a fan-fic, or picture please put it behind lj-cut, to be nice to friends pages!